Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why all spy books should have heroines

I blog from a catch-up hour.
Americans: Think cover supervisor with no work to give you.

So, I write from a computer situated next to an annoying girl.
I am in a happy frame of mind, due to the fact that I have NEARLY FINISHED an amazing series. Well, until the next book comes out.
I have a love affair with spy books-always have, always will. I love love love them.

But they are full of boys.

Yes, that's right children. Boys.
Well that's pretty cool. I'm a very honest person.
Like, for example, take Cherub. Lovely jubbly (come on guys, you know it's a word!) books, especially when they are in Lauren's POV.
But when they are in James's?
Na-ah-ah peoples. He spends the majority of his time ogling some poor girl when he should be scoping out a house.
Whereas actually, a girl could like do it whilst checking out a guy. It's called multitasking.
Yeah. Witness the force.
But seriously. In some nations today, would they suspect a group of girls as spies? No, probably not.
And yes, this is part of my issue with the fact that the only teenage books I can find in my local library are either vampires, happy-love-stories, or boys fiction. And I have tried boy spy books, but no. Please not again.

BYE! (Yes, I know she's saying hello, but that's beside the point.)
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