Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why there's nothing wrong with fangirling

I have a fringe.
It looks cool.
I won't show you a photo.
That would be strange.
And a little weird.

So, fangirling. Oh, how the heart delights. (FYI: Google doesn't have fangirling in the dictionary.)

       "A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy. Will be able to get by on just a new book and can spend HOURS going over the film adaptation in detail. Can quote. Like all the time. Gets excited at any headcanon, memes or 'feels' related to their fandom. Very scary."

Why thank you Urban Dictionary.

Look! Taylor GIF!
For example, Swfties at concerts, public places or whenever-she-comes-on-the-radio-or-TV start fangirling. Normally, they are fangirls.
This would set a demigod fangirling. 'Cause OMG it's so amazing and I love percabeth so much and perachel sucks and I think that percabeth should never be disturbed.

      "Perachel in the PJO fandom is the ship that must never be shipped. It's made up of Percy Jackson and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. It is obviously impossible cause ya know,percabeth ftw. Perachel can't compete with everyone's OTP."
Thank you Urban Dictionary.
If someone ships Perachel, this happens:

Why hate fangirls? We live on love alone-love for our OPT's, our ships and our fandom friends. We have families, go to fandom prom (yeah!), created fan accounts on social media, but still:

We stalk because we care.

The Book Fridge
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