The Book Fridge Awards 2013


To keep the giveaway up and running, I shall be posting the mini-reviews for the finalists here!
So I'll do a why to read this for each one. Enjoy!

The Demon King by CWC,
I love this! So, basically this is one of my all-time favourites.
Read this if: You are sane. Or if you like epic fight scenes, really cool princesses, magic, guards, kidnapping, street fights, fire and annoying mothers. This is part of a quartet, and this particular book is suitable for all ages (i.e not much romance). As I said in a review "The book seems to be telling two different stories until they are dramatically brought together and you realize that maybe Han's and Rasia's fates are entwined." Ha ha ha! This book makes me very giggly, and Han makes it onto my list of best ever heros. (Who wants to see that?)

The Hunger Games by SC
Not a personal favourite, but a good holiday read, because it is very easy to understand. The plot is quite interesting, but I don't like the third. Obviously you have the film for the second one coming out soon, and experts reckon that 23.5 million PLUS copies have been sold in the US alone. I am shocked. Again, there are epic fight scenes and guards, but there is also bows, arrows, hunger, reapings, Peter x Katniss and bread. elissa from goodreads said that she "read the 400 page ARC in a less-than-24-hour time period (so quickly that it was never even on my "currently reading" shelf), which I've only done before with HP books". Impressive

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by RR
Love this too, but they ruined the movie AND destroyed 2000 year old myths (see this fanfiction, I am thepie123, HERE). But the books are good for mythology-in-a-modern-way, and sword fighting  but no Percabeth (how long must I wait? October?)

Moment of weakness. Also, read them for cool people. In general. See what Cara wrote on goodreads: "This is plainly an awesome idea. " I agree.

Knife by RJA

I love Knife. It has fairies in!
But not nice ones. Nasty, evil fairies. Kind of.


Read this because: You believe in fairies, you like magic, you enjoy alternative perspectives, you like trees...
As Kristi said:"This book was just full of awesomeness. I absolutely loved reading it! The plot was something totally different, which was beyond refreshing! This is the type of faeries that I had always imagined hiding amongst flowers." This is published in the US as Spell Hunter.

So, keep reading!
The Book Fridge xx :-)
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