Changes to The Book Fridge


I've decided to make The Book Fridge a bit more orderly and am restacking my shelves, so to speak.

Why? Well, I thought that it will allow time for more reviews, some more of my pet peeves and some weeks for rambles (if you like rambling on, then give yourself a pat on the back).

I will also be trying to 'Write in the style of .......(insert name of author)...................'. Expect more laughs than ever before.

Eventually, I will get another blog up that will be full of my favourite author news, quizzes, polls, rambles (pat on the back time guys!) and some bookish stuff. I need a name for that, so EMAIL, GOOGLE+ or comment with one.

And finally, 

(I love that red. Kinda reminds me of Taylor Swift)

The Book Fridge :-)

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