Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm away with the faeries!

Hello my friends,

Let's get one thing straight: These are FAIRIES
Yes, they are the egotistical, selfish RAINBOW MAGIC FAIRIES
They do not exist.

These are FEY or FAERIES:
They are evil, and I hope for your sake that you cannot see them.
Well, not all fae are evil. Look out for the dates when the Summer and Winter courts swap over, and Winter in particular are evil. Friday in particular is very dangerous, so stop sharpening knives on Fridays!

According to folklore, fae hate iron. As in it-kills-them hate. That's why you dont really see the fae any more, iron is in everything. Faries hate bells, so a jingly keyring is good. If on is being chased by faries, try crossing running water-but beware of water sprites! Anything red works, as does salt in the pocket or rowan twigs carried on the person.
How do I protect my house? 

Modern houses are already full of iron, but what you can do is store clothes inside out, but an UNBROKEN line of salt on the window sills and sew some into hidden pockets on clothes. Lots of red things everywhere (Ms Swift's RED is a good idea) and a doorbell constantly jangling. You can buy iron doorbells, which are old fashioned and gorgeous.
Fae need permission to enter houses, so if anyone looks awkward until you VERBALLY invite them in, throw salt at them.
And beware of glamours! Imagine your best friend comes round, but instead of barging in, waits until you ask her inside. Maybe she winces as she enters because of the iron everywhere, or the ringing doorbell.

How am I sure that they are fae?

Suggest that you do some baking, or try on each other's clothes. Get something iron or salty in their hand, or get them to wear something red. Suggest that they leave, and never come back. Use some words from the Bible or similar, they don't like those.

The Book Fridge :-)
No, I don't actually believe in fairies, I'm just considering a plot idea.
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