Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review #whatever it is: John Dreamer


I really enjoyed John Dreamer. I found it incredibly emotional and moving and perfect for YA.
You may know about my hate of vampiric fiction (see that HERE), so whoopee-doo, no vampires in sight!
I really like the whole 'chairs thing' I mean, my chair would look like this:

My little pony!
I love the way the chairs represent personalities. Andy has a bit of a weird past, that is *mysteriously* connected with John D.Reamur's.  You have all types in their little group, from arrogant, to spoilt, to thoughtful, geek/nerd (I get tetchy about that too!) and natural-born-leader. I think the 'main idea' of the book is all about discovering yourself and your hidden goals as a person, something which all teens can relate to really easily (I know I can!)
You know, you have those teens:           And those teens:

And I'm there like:

So, John Dreamer:
Rating: 8/10
For:Just, you know, teens in general (girls and boys!)

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I'm going away to the land of cherry blossom next week, so no posts for some time. This book was provided by NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review. I WAS NOT PAID!

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