Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to write scarily

Hi all!
This may sound like a really weird post, but I'm currently writing a really scary scene in a short story (for English). I changed it from a street/urban setting:

to this:
Yeah, I only did it so that I could experiment with setting a really spooky scene-kinda a description.
So how did I set about writing a scary scene?
Well, I started with making a playlist-it consists of some slower Taylor Swift, some Lorde (Glory & Gore is good), lots of Bastille (I like These Streets) and some Les Mis (The Sewer, The Convent). Then I added Lux Aeterna, which freaks me out! I put myself into a dark room with only my laptop for company, and basically got really scared. Slenderman, music, movies, whatever works. It's really good for 1st person POV, becsue if you feel scared, so will your writing. I'm actually quaking in my boots now.
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