Saturday, March 15, 2014

The saddest book in the world

Please do greet me with commiserations

I have just finished The Fault In Our Stars.

I cried a lot.


Sorry. I love Hazel and Gus and Isaac and everyone else.
I do believe this is a rite of passage to read it.
And in no way shape or form do I regret reading it.
But it is sad.
(almost as sad as this:(All Too Well at the Grammys)

I cry. Do not be ashamed.
So todays topic is sadness actually.
Here is a picture.
Here is a fact about the picture:
That's actually true. It's from The Book Thief, which I may have raved about. And every time, no fail, it makes me cry. 
Yes, I may be a wimp (thanks sister-code-named-Summer), but I have a heart. Books need to make you feel something, somewhere. If they don't it's not a good book.
Take a book you may not have heard of. Grave Mercy. I have read it countless times, and I am still incredibly scared for Duval EVERY TIME. That is a mark of an amazing author.But as I sit (generally on the bus), gripped by all the plot-lines colliding and weaving themselves together, I marvel. How can something stored on an electric device leave me lying awake at night, leave me quiet, leave me stunned and shocked?
The Book Fridge :-)
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