Sunday, December 1, 2013

QuizTime:Grave Mercy (and what I'm reading right now)

So, QuizTime, and this week it's Grave Mercy!

Be proud please. I am an Ismae/Annith (whose book is coming out...soon!)-what are you?

To deal with part 2:
Displaying photo.JPGIn Order:
The Queen's Promise (Lyn Andrews)

Quicksilver (RJ Anderson)

The Glimpse (Claire Merle)

The Night Itself (Zoƫ Marriott)

The House Of Hades (Rick Riordan)
(Before you wonder if I am sane, this is the fourth time of reading it)

TQP is pretty slow going, but Quicksilver is AMAZING (sequel to Ultraviolet, it follows Tori/Niki more), and the glimpse is pretty good. TNI ROCKS and HOH is spellbinding (go percabeth!).

Displaying photo.JPG<-- Some advice

I bade you adieu
The Book Fridge
The quiz is from QuizWorks. Google+, email and comment! No post next week, I'm away. :-(

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