Sunday, December 15, 2013


All I want for Christmas is ....books!
True fact, so let's take a look at the line-up.
Aurelia, Anne Osterlund
Probably the book I want most, and the one I am least likely to get.
Why? Well, I have read A Countess Below Stairs (Now The Secret Countess), which is another 'book you may enjoy'. It is set in a medieval fantasy land, which I am all about at the moment. There are life threats, spies and royalty. I have an inkling that this may be my new favourite book. The sample does not disappoint.
Well, you aren't THAT crazy-what else? The author. I added Aurelia to my Christmas 2013 book shelf, and within a day I had a message from Anne Osterlund herself. I love authors that communicate with their fans -present or future. Of course, I appreciate they have work, but still. We are the ones that buy.

11983940Scarlet, A.C Gaughen
Last year, I went to see a production of The Heart Of Robin Hood. This year, it was Robin Hood on TV.
Why? It's about the women in Hood's life. And, as you may know, I like girls who stand up for themselves. So again, life threats and fights. There was actually a Will Scarlet, who was supposedly on of Robin's best friends.
Well, you aren't THAT crazy-what else? You will laugh. Promise you won't? Okay, the cover. Do I judge things by their cover? Yes, a little bit. If the cover isn't that good, then I'm less likely to enjoy the book. I have a friend who hates books with people on the cover. Can't see why really.

(Why do I read all the same books?)

9462812Die for me, Amy Plum

Why? Can I just say, it's BY Amy PLum, she isn't the one that's going to die.
 Well, the main character is called Kate. She likes books and parisian art, which is just a-ma-zing darling (thank you Craig). It also contains souls.
Well, you aren't THAT crazy-what else? I think it's the soul thing for me. I love the whole 'save me'. Oh wait-stop right there. Apparently it's an immortal zombie? I've lost interest. Can't do zombies. And I thought it was dystopian. I can only do dystopian/tudor court (it's the renaissance)/ fantasy. No present day books please.
And it was looking so good. I'm afraid to say:
Die for me, Amy Plum


To Catch A Pirate, Jade Parker
Why? Pirates! Okay, so you know that book (Celia Rees, gotta love it) Pirates!, well basically it's a bit like that. Only hopefully she actually gets together with the guy.
Well, you aren't THAT crazy-what else? You know, I don't really know. I don't particularly like the cover-it's pretty and all that, but lacks the drama of Aurelia or Scarlet (that thing with the mask-gorgeous). Methinks it may be the fact that it's pirates. The cover reminds me of Keira Knightley etc. in Pride and Prejudice 2005(see above. Did I really edit Mr Darcy out? Yes-Wickham was in there too, if it makes you feel better).
Look at the necklines-exactly like those in To Catch A Pirate! Am I hoping for more P+P.....

Merry Christmas!

The Book Fridge :-)
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