Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Seven Literary Wonders Of The World Part 2

So, let us have a look at Part 2 of our wonders of the bookish world.

Number 5 is:
Another book which has FAR too much space is The Demon King.  Every time I write about this, I think to myself, "You poor people, listening to me jabber on about this wonder of wonders." Again, I would bring in billions of pounds-worth of revenue at this box office if this was made into a film.
 Just go with the flow. If you like Harry Potter, magic, spirits, swordfights and mysterious, brooding men who can wield pointy things (thanks to Julie Kagawa for that one) then read this.

6. Well, Slated is for those who like their dark futures dark. Written by the Teri Terry (which has to be THE most awesome name). Like the Hunger Games, but less violent. Kyla has been Slated: all her memories of her past life have been wiped.

Or have they? With her nightmares a continuous threat to her life (if she gets to negative she could black out or die), and Kyla not knowing who to trust, will she ever know who she really is? (On the right is Fractured and SHattered, the next books in the series.)

7. The Great British Bake Off Books are truly scrumptious. Pun intended. With the final yesterday (see HERE if you want to know the winner), I am looking forward to another scrummy book (Mary, we live in fear of your laser eyes). What qualifies it? I bake A LOT, but these are amazemas. Made up word alert.

And with all those food related puns, I leave you.

The Book Fridge :-)

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