Friday, October 25, 2013

Yes, that’s right; The Book Fridge has got scary. This is why this week’s post is:

If you are a vampire, I shake you warmly by the hand, and will give you a glass of AB positive. Cheers!

I have had too much fun creating these. So, I got hold of three vampire books, and categorised them (actually, to do this, I had to read too many supernatural books, twenty of which were vamp fiction. The genre is deluged. Last night, I suffered a case of too-many-Twilight-spin-offs –it-is). So, I decided to make a stand about this! 

We’ll start with the good. There are two, because I totally couldn't choose!

The Jaz Parks Series, Jennifer Rardin
Vampiric factor: Vayl is one cool vampire. And a main character.
Enter kick-butt vampires and humans. One epic team. A lot of bad history. Read this because you like spy books.
Cover number two=killer lipstick-literally.

Serious epicness. D'you think it gets her clothes muddy?

Bloodlines, by Richelle Mead
Vampiric factor: Well, there are a lot of them. And there is a lot of blood. And interspecies relationships.  This totally gets better later in the series, but is a lovely curl up and read Halloween book. I read it as a standalone from her VAmpire Academy series, and found it fine. The characters are introduced really well, and I understood it.
(I can’t find another cover for this book! The sun relates to vampires. Strange?)

And now, for the bad.

I gave in on this one guys. Forgive me. Please?
Vampiric factor: Narrated by Nigel aka. a vampire.   
The Diary of a Wimpy Vampire is meant to be funny. NO. Meant to be witty. How? Meant to at least make you smile. Na-ah-ah.Read it in an afternoon for an alternative view on life. I can see why people like it.
Heaven help me, there’s a series? What is the world coming to?

Lastly, the ugly. Avert your eyes, it's TWILIGHT!
Vampiric factor: I still don't think Edward is really a proper vampire.
You may be a Twi-Hard. I don't judge you. I blame this series for so many bad vampire books. It has its good points. But do I really want to know about Bella and Edward and their irritating relationship. No. But good for the experience.Love at first sight is all rather fine and dandy, but RUN AWAY FROM ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD.
Actually, the book on the right looks good. 

Another ugly. I'm partway through The Vampire diaries. Like Twilight. Love triangles. ARGHHHHHHH!
Do love triangles sensibly, please and thank you, and take advice from Raisa (just keep swapping) and Ismae (anger=love+killing people) and Sybella (have a relationship to save your life, but fall completely in love with the ugliest of the lot. Forget everyone when he comes along) and Serena (don't trust any man. Apart from the one who frees you).

So, Halloween vampire book anyone? Off to read another one!

The Book Fridge :-)

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