Monday, February 18, 2013

Review #1:
Journey to The River Sea by Eva Ibbotson
Awards:  Nestlé Smarties Book Prize for reader ages 9–11 and has been nominated for several others including the  Blue Peter Book Award: Book I Couldn't Put Down. 
A great book for: Returning to again and again and those who like historical novels
What formats can I buy it in?You can buy this in paperback, hardback and e-reader format.

Firstly I apologize, my copy  is very old and I bought it from my local library 5 years ago!

The book is about an orphan, Maia, who goes to live with her relatives in the Amazon with her governess, Miss Minton. Maia simply can't wait for all the exotic animals, plants and insects, but she is not warned of her cousins who douse the house in bug spray and never venture outside. She quickly wins the charms of the locals and meets an 'Indian' with an inheritance. However all is not as it seems in Manaus.....

I really like the morals I felt the book gave about loyalty and trust. The twins were a funny touch but had their dark side!

Even though this book is written in the third person (Maia thought this), you get to know her really well and feel as if you are looking through her eyes at all the new experiences. Ibbotson has created a very belivable setting and used fact.

I myself have read this book loads of times and whenever I have a 'can't find anything to read' moment I will always return to this book.

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