Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Hi all!

Have you ever sat down and wondered if there were any other books out in the big wide world? Other than  Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, The Hunger Games and all those other books that everyone has read?

I was in my school library the other day and decided to brave the far corner where the section labelled N-P is. I stumbled across a series that I have not read for several years. Starting this book (Circle of Magic 1, The Magic In The Weaving by Tamora Pierce) I was reminded of how amazing it was, how I was frustrated when I first read it because no-one else had read it!

I want to prove that just because no one has heard of these books, it doesn't mean that they aren't amazing. I will be reviewing books for the average 9-15 year old and I believe that anyone can read anything as long as they have the courage to see it through.

Feel free to comment, anything that you think needs improving will be taken into consideration! Please bear in mind that I am still getting to grips with this.

The Book Fridge :-)

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