Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sorry and review #11

Hey guys
Yeah, I haven't blogged for 28 days. And it's 21;30. And this will be a shortie.

So, le shoutout to @britgirlabroad on Insta, 'cos she reminded me that I need to blog. And fast, else I risk losing followers.

Crown Duel, Sherwood Smith


Yeah. Big stuff going on here.
 It's a 2-in-1 book, and it's only like £3.
Rating: 10/10, it's akin to GM (that rhymes)
And everyone else on the plaent who needs to read stuff like this because it's a beautiful miracle, unbelievable.

Had to do the Swift thing there.

So, what is it about this that makes it so amazing?
Well, it's the characters. Okay, so the first 34% is the first book, and Meliara is stubborn and conceited. And she can't see that there's a gorgeous guy-who's-a-king who yah, basically loves her. Bu then there's 66% of beautiful, thoughtful, long-haired Melaira. Who gets the guy!!!!
It's been on my Goodreads shelf for like ages, and here is a quote:
“You, there, girl! Halt!"
Who in the universe ever halts when the enemy tells them to?” 

The narrative is sassy and sarcastic, even though at times you want to scream at Mel. She's our traditional, Keira Knightley heroine, who can sword fight, ride a horse and run a household (and be queen!).

Onto Vidanric:
He's like Mr Darcy

^Me the whole way through.

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