Saturday, January 11, 2014


I'm obsessed with ellipses  ...
Stop it already!
So, an ellipses is:
The omission of one or more words in order to avoid repetition.
Yeah. I knew that. But did you know that it comes from the mid 16th century: via Latin from Greek elleipsis, from elleipein 'leave out'.
Hark at me.

I love ellipses. The 'gap is yours to fill.' It adds an element of mystery if used to end a sentence, or humor if used in a sentence.
Think of a blank wall, with an ellipsis on.
Then you annotate it.

That is how I brainstorm. I love white space, it's so understated. Unlike an exclamation mark, an ellipsis can be used anywhere, from essays to poetry.
Anyway... My Favourite Poem is 'Don't Put Mustard In The Custard'. I think it has 'invisible ellipses'

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