Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book covers

Book covers. I know I did the whole 'Judging a book by it's cover', but what makes a book inviting?
I did this thing a couple of years back where someone read a synopsis without showing you the cover of the book.'Twas interesting....

1. P1 doesn't think of herself as glamorous. But her gorgeous sister P2is. So when it's P1who spotted by a model agency, at the same time that P2 is diagnosed with cancer, things have clearly gone very wrong. P1 isn't interested in modelling but P2 wants her to give it a try. Just how far will P1 go to please her sister? And what sacrifices will she have to make?

2.P3 is greatly unimpressed by the haughty P4 when he snubs her at a dance, she considers him proud and arrogant. However, as events unfold, the spirited P3 discovers that a man can change his manners, and a lady her mind in this enchanting story of love, marriage and mutual understanding.

So, here are the covers....
1 has squashed and I don't know why????

Anyways, QuizTime!
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