Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reading a book without reading the blurb


So, this week, I decided to read a book without first reading the blurb-the only time I could do this would be when I got hold of the plot.

I got the book out of my local library, and have not read the blurb, and will only do so at the end of this post, after writing my own for the story so far.

Story: The Soldier's Return
Author: Melvyn Bragg (he is currently 73)
Amount read: 51 pages
Rating out of 10: 5/10, it's a bit slow moving

My blurb so far: Sam returns home from fighting in Burma to find a wife changed and a son grown from a toddler. He is welcomed back like a hero, but everywhere he sees change. Sam has changed too, but Ellen thinks that it will take time to heal him.

Blurb Reveal (I really should have filmed this)

When Sam Richardson returns in 1946 from the 'Forgotten War' in Burma to Wigton in Cumbria, he finds the town little changed. But the war has changed him, broadening his horizons as well as leaving him with traumatic memories. In addition, his six-year-old son now barely remembers him, and his wife has gained a sense of independence from her wartime jobs. As all three strive to adjust, the bonds of loyalty and love are stretched to breaking point in this taut, and profoundly moving novel.

So, I get the 'he has changed' bit, but not really the traumatic memories. Ellen kind of has independence, but Joe (their son) remembers his Dad. I personally think that the town has changed.

I like the 'strive to adjust' bit very much. I totally get that. Personally, that blurb is not very descriptive for me. What about you?

The Book Fridge :-)

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