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Review #4: The Clock of Life by Nancy Klann-Moren

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The Clock of Life
The Clock Of Life
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Score: 9/10

A great book for: Those who didn't like To Kill A Mockingbird, those who did like it..... A slightly older read

Formats: Kindle, paperback, hardback

Very much a coming of age story, The Clock of Life is about racism in a little town in Mississippi.  Jason Lee is learning lessons about how the world works right from the first chapter, which furthers the the well known fact of how, even when segregation was abolished, many still were openly abusive towards coloured people and got away with it. Jason Lee is a like-father-like-son sort of boy, as much as he doesn't know it.

Jason's best friend from day 1 is Samson, a coloured, likable sort of boy who is dry humoured and faces the world head on. Together they face racism, bullying and tragedy. I felt that this book was very much the recounting of the child years, but told with beautiful prose and accents! All the characters are well developed, with themes well woven and not being too 'preachy'. 

I liked this book as, although it was not something I would usually read, it was deeply moving and quite funny at times. The way a Mississippi accent is put in is clever and transports you to the setting. Anyone who saw me reading it when____________ ___ will know how I sat there crying, in total shock, so well written and lovable was he.

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