Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to take care of your favourite book


Love your book. Really, please do.

Check out this article. OTT anyone? But learn from this. Don't throw your book around.

If you must write in a book, buy it on kindle, use a post it, or use a PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember those?
And if you borrow a book from me, I will love you for it, but do not leave blood in it. I have seen that. And read this. This is a bit of a rant. Sorry.

What did you think when you saw this?
I thought that it was awful. Yes, beautiful drawing, but in a BOOK! WHY? Use paper!

Try not to drop your book in the bath.
Yes, read in the bath, but don't drop the book in the water! Be careful.
If you do, dry it standing up, on some newspaper with the pages slightly open, but don't try to totally fan them out.

Don't store books too near a heater, as they will become mildewy, and don't keep them in a humid environment.

Just love your books
The Book Fridge

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