Saturday, May 11, 2013

When is it right to stop reading a book?

(This may sound a bit potty for my usual self!)
So, good question. When is it right to stop reading?

I, personally, have put down many books in my life. I find that these are often classics, such as:

  • Jane Eyre (one of my favourite books!)
  • Wuthering Heights (Oh yes, I didn't get the narrative!)
  • Les Miserables (after about the first chapter-now on my 700th page!)
  • Sense and Sensibility (still waiting to finish)
  • The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and escaped (confusing)
The Book Fridges tips:
  • Sometimes, you need to put it down and start again. I did this with the Darkness Is Rising sequence. It is very good when you get into it!
  • Try a different book from the same genre
  • Try a different book by the same author
  • If you are struggling to locate places in that setting, look for a map (in the front of the book maybe, or just grab a random map you have lying around) and draw places onto it-add brief notes. I do this with books I will review sometimes, so i can look at them and remember key points.
  • (Read the ending) That's in brackets as it is a sin of books!
  • Think about what what will happen next
  • Actually, to contradict that point, if you really don't like it after 100 pages, just leave it. 

And just some funny ones:
  • Be comfy...
  • Read in strange places...


Have fun whilst reading!

The Book Fridge

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When do you put down a book?

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