Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carnegie awards 2013

The Carnegie awards 2013 are bearing down fast upon us, and The Book Fridge has the lowdown on all the books!
The Carnegie award is an award for a children/young adults book, and there are some great ones out there this year.
The award is judged on:

The plot:
Is it well-constructed?
Does the author appear in control of the plot, making definite and positive decisions about the direction events take and the conclusions they reach?
Do events happen, not necessarily logically, but acceptably within the limits set by the theme?
Is the final resolution of the plot credible in relation to the rest of the book?
Are the characters believable and convincing?
Are they well-rounded, and do they develop during the course of the book?
Do they interact with each other convincingly?
Are the characters' behaviour and patterns of speech consistent with their known background and environment?
Do they act consistently in character throughout the book?
How effectively are the characters revealed through narration, dialogue, action, inner dialogue and through the thoughts, reactions and responses of others?
Is the style or styles appropriate to the subject and theme?
How successfully has the author created mood, and how appropriate is it to the theme?
Do dialogue and narrative work effectively together?
How effective is the author's use of literary techniques and conventions?
How effective is the author's use of language in conveying setting, atmosphere, characters, action etc.?
Where rhyme or rhythm are used, is their use accomplished and imaginative?
Where factual information is presented, is this accurate and clear?
(from the Carnegie award criteria site.)

And the books this year are:

  1. Sarah Crossan-The weight of water
  2. Roddy Doyle-A greyhound of a girl
  3. Sally Gardner-Maggot moon
  4. Nick Lake-In Darkness
  5. R. J. Palacio-Wonder
  6. Marcus Sedgwick-Midwinterblood
  7. David Shelton-A boy and a bear in a boat
  8. Elizabeth Wein-Code name Verity
So, there they are!
Why not see if your local/school library are running a Carnegie shadowing group?
Maybe they'll have some of the books in!

I'll be reviewing some of my personal favourites, so have a look!

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