Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi all!
World book day tomorrow!
I am dressing up as Jane Eyre(long skirt&blouse) and the little one is Gobbolino the witches cat! If you have any questions on how I did these costumes, comment!

So, today I wanted to show you how to do....
You may have seen this, but here is a few photos of what it looks like...

I'll be showing you how to create this!
1.Take an old book that is unwanted! Remove the cover.

2. Take your 1st page and make a right-angled fold with the upper right corner so it touches the other side.Crease.
3. Take the straight right edge and fold it so it aligns with the left edge.Crease.
4. Lay it to the left, like you were turning a book page.
5.Do this again...
6. And again...keep going! You begin to get a fan shape...

7. Just push it over and keep going!
8. When you are done, just let it stand up!

You can do this with any fold, as long as they are all the same. 
  • 1 right angled fold as before then take the whole page to align with the left hand side. This makes a cone shape when done!
What shapes did you make? Do you think you could sell these?
Lots of love and what are you doing/did you do for world book day?
The Book Fridge :-)
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  1. this bookart thing sounds complicated xox
    remember to use an OLD book xox

  2. Also RIP to someone's pet guinea pig