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Vanished review and giveaway!

The Lost Children of Managrail, book two by Aran Joice

I was asked to review this, and sent a copy by Fiction Addiction book tours. However, i am not benefiting financially or any other way from this. You may benefit if you enter the giveaway!


The magic war has ended and the sorceress from the White Realm has eluded capture, finding refuge in Plyth, the land of the magic makers. Intent on finding and destroying the murderess of his mother, Simian, now king, and an Ebata warrior vanish into the clouds behind her. Concealed by a spell cast by the Ebata Hafina, they find their way into the village seeking the whereabouts of the sorceress. The royal warlock Daton sees through their invisibility and leads them to the magic caverns. Daton’s scheme to overthrow his brother, Rethko, ruler of the magicians, is altered by the presence of the unwelcome visitors.

Princess Lila has taken to the life of the Lapisians with her love Locknair. Their dreams of peace and happiness are marred by the discovery that she has become the “light.” She will soon disappear, becoming one with nature unless all the Light Bringers are destroyed in an ultimate act of good. Alone, Lila enters the dead world of Plyth in search of her brother who holds the last of the talismans.Time is running out for Lila and as she begins to vanish she finds a worthy challenge. The 
Dilian, guardian of Plyth has been released and it will be Lila who saves everyone at a very dear price. The tales of the Lost Children continue: an unbelievable challenge, new allies, and magic realms wait.
(I take books as real life. These are issues I would have with the characters if they were real!)

Firstly, Lila. Everyone seems to have "let's kill Lila" at the top of their to-do list throughout the first and beginning of the second book. Live and let live people! You may have issues with her, but the Fergay (nasty creatures book 1, they destroyed the city) would have found Managrail soon enough. And you, Mrs Caterpillar-Lapasian (go away auto-correct), have a serious issue with not much and need to stop being floaty. Yes, you are floaty, and (sorry for confusing her species further) a silly moo (your phrase Meg, but I have stolen it. Moo haha). My family have heard enough about how I like Lila.I think that Lila is a normal girl who does slightly irrational stuff, but who can blame her? Her mother (queen) is in a relationship to the man she fancies (fleetingly, she get's a better guy )! That's like your mother going out with the school hottie! And Mother, whilst dying, in book 1, say that she loves Simian (son, Lila's twin) and Medack (the one Lila fancies, he isn't her Father, I promise!)

Personally, I love the way Joice has portrayed Lila, rebellious, adventurous teen who recognises her own faults. Does away with the cliches! She deserves Locknair. Totally. I quote: "He (Locknair) needs Arilya and his people...maybe even me. I am determined to redeem myself..." good person.

2. I think that a bit of the grammar needs reviewings-there are a few confusing changes in the POV. But on the whole, very skilfully written.

3. Simian and Hafina sitting in a tree....

At the end of the day, this book is totally a challenging read, and though it does stand well alone, to fully appreciate the complexities of the characters (big words!) you have to read the first one, which I was also sent. 

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  4. I'd like to thank The Book Fridge for your review and taking the time to be a host. I appreciate the support.

  5. Great review Kate.

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  6. Great review! I want to read both books, now. :)

    1. Debra, thank you for joining the tour. I hope you enter the giveaway. There are fun things to be had. You can visit Amazon and get a sneak peek at both books.

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  8. Spot on review! I read/reviewed the book about 2 weeks ago and saw some of the same things you did. The story is terrific - the POV needs a bit of polishing to eliminate confusion. But all in all, I think Aron Joice is onto something wonderful. Can't wait to read the next book!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for the comment. I have a big surprise for you and Kate in Book 3. I'm sure you will notice I paid very close attention. No more confusion. The continued support is so appreciated.

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  12. Aron, is such a fabulous writer and her imagination is epic. I am already a great fan of her work. As a person she is very loving and giving and always doing things for others in the writing community. Despite working and running a smallholding. A fab post. thanks for sharing.