Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Book Fridge Awards 2013


Am I the only one who's excited? Emails have been sent, logistics worked out (by yours truly) and so here it is. The official launch...

Is done!

(Photo is mine!)

So how does it work?
YOU email, comment, or google+ our community (You can all join as well!) with book suggestions for my longlist (first 1 to do this gets a shout out...).

Next weekend, I put a poll on the blog, and you vote for whichever books you think should be on the shortlist. The top 5-10 get on it!
I review the shortlisted books, and you vote 5 weeks time!
Only this time, you can vote once a day, as I will take the results down everyday...

The winning book will be announced, and I will do a lovely feature on 'inside the book.' I will also contact the author and do that sort of fun stuff.

 And I have 2 categories...
1 is for: Established authors
The other is: Debut novels (the first book they published)
So say I wanted to recommend Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph, by Robin LaFevers...
Grave Mercy would be a debut, and Dark Triumph an established author novel.
The Book Fridgexxx
Get voting...;-)
(Am I the only one who thinks 3 is an amazing number? 333333333333333333333!!!!)

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