Saturday, May 25, 2013

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One was recently talking to a friend, and she has a blog as well....
It'sa bit random, but it's Arts and Crafts world and we decided to do a collaboration.
I did a hairstyle and will be doing a bookish display thing. So here it is:

Book Review: Kensuke's Kingdom

By Eloise from My Arts And Crafts World

 Eloise gives it: 9/10 The Book Fridge gives it: 4/10(I really don't like this book!)

This is one of my favourite books of all time. I have read it over and over and i think it has such a great story behind it. It is written by Michael morpurgo. It starts with a boy called Michel, who is living just as an ordinary boy, nothing special. His mum always complains that his dad has “big dreams” about doing all these crazy adventures. Secretly, Michael’s dad buys a boat called “the Peggy Sue” and he surprises Michel and his mum with this. They both have very different reactions. Michel thinks it is a wonderful idea, sailing all over the world. His mum on the other hand is speechless. She eventually goes with it. Whilst sailing the Peggy Sue, a storm breaks out. Michel is ship wrecked and is washed up on a deserted island. One morning he finds fresh water and food. He realises he is not alone. He tries to light a fire that morning to she is anyone can rescue him and take him of the island. He eventually meets an old man, called Kensuke. He tells Michel not to light a fire, as it is dangerous. Michel does not see why he shouldn’t light a fire so he does it again. This time Kensuke is furious and tells him that it is his island so Michael should stay away. One night, Michel is sun bathing on the shore and gets stung by a jelly fish, and Kensuke finds him. He aids him back to full health, and they regain their friendship. I really enjoy this book because it has a nice happy ending and an interesting story, so you never want to put the book down.


Thanks you Eloise. I've hyperlinked that to her blog. 

 Some of you may remember that it is almost the end of May...

The Book Fridge

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