Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Become an author in 30 seconds....

Hi all!
Firstly you are all very lucky people. Two posts in 1 week! It is Easter Break I guess!

Secondly, the Dark Triumph widget- it's a book as part of a series that I will review shortly and I'm simply sharing it with you. I put it there using my own free will!

Onto todays point!
Become an author in 30 seconds....
Simply use the Readathon short story maker by clicking anywhere on the text of this post!

Here are some examples of  the stories I made-in less than 30 seconds!


  1. Oh my days that story about Meg the Sloth is AMAZING!!!
    Did you, by any chance, base the character of Meg on ME???
    Moocow :-)

    1. Oh yes...
      Oh yes...
      Meg the sloth rocks!!!

  2. Feast your eyes on my masterpiece!!!
    Me and MiMi Sherlockified into the classroom.'Lee! Zim! Why are you late?' shouted Miss Lovely-Beautiful 'Because Megan forgot the broccoli for the Mathematics lesson.' said MiMi. 'No!' I said, 'It's because MiMi's iguana got stuck up my brother!' 'Well, I don't believe you.' said Miss Lovely-Beautiful, 'You both have to do 1234567890987654321 lustrums detention!'
    Also this one !
    In my dream I met a mahoosive Sherlock Holmes wearing a stupid pantaloons 'Hello!' It said. 'My name is MiMi. Would you like a lift to Tirana?' 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990 years later we got there. 'It's shut!' said MiMi 'Would you like an enormous aggravatingly inedible spider string pie instead?' Then I woke up to find I had just eaten my wall!