Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where to get books?

Hi all!
With nothing to do, the theme of today's post is where to get books from. There are a few places I can recommend, the bookshops are all English!

So... Online!
  1.  Amazon (picture from
Pros: A very good site that lets you sell, trade-in buy books and more! There are options to buy used books for a big reduction!

Cons: I bought a new books from a very well-reviewed seller and it took almost a month to arrive! The standard delivery is £2.80 and you can get other varieties for bigger prices.

2. Waterstones online (picture from

Pros: Free UK delivery! A bought a book for a total of £3.99 with free delivery and with Amazon the book alone would have been £5.30. There is somewhere to take any complaints
Cons: Takes slightly longer on average delivery comapred to Amazon.

        Waterstones (picture from
Pros: A vast selction of books, great 3-for-2 deals and they sell Kindles in some stores! There is no delivery cost and they can order books in.

Cons: The books are generally RRP pricing. Their website has better deals.

Pros: Good deals and they sell Kobos. Pretty much like Waterstone but they sell music and stuff too.
Cons: Generally RRP pricing.

The Book Fridge :-)
 This weeks question is:which bookshop is your favourite? Do you have a great local one?
I promise another review at the weekend.... It will be the Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. What do you think of it? :-)

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